Summer 2021 Gallery

Pictures from our Ed+gineering activities during the Summer 2021 workshop.

Summer 2021 Workshop

On August 4th, the Ed+gineering project team held its first summer workshop at ODU’s Darden College of Education and Professional Studies for preservice and inservice elementary teachers. About forty teachers attended the workshop and learned more about what engineering is, the importance of teaching engineering, differences between engineering, science, and crafting/art, and how to incorporate culturally responsive pedagogy into cross-disciplinary engineering lessons. 

Teachers also actively participated in hands-on engineering activities and lessons that can be used in their classrooms in the upcoming school year, such as mitigating the effects of flooding in Norfolk, designing light-up name tags that help keep kids safe, engineering a Sphero-powered chariot for Beyonce, designing irrigation solutions for crops in Ancient Egypt, designing a bubble wand, saving “Sam” the gummy worm, and building a looping roller coaster.