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We are all actively involved in the research, but have specific roles in implementation. Dr. Jennifer Kidd is PI of the DRK-12 grant and works on implementing collaborations one and two along with Drs. Ringleb and Kaipa, respectively. Dr. Stacie Ringleb is PI of the IUSE grant and works on implementing collaboration one along with Dr. Kidd. Drs. Orlando Ayala and Kristie Gutierrez work on implementation of collaboration three. Dr. Pilar Pazos has developed our collaboration platform used in collaborations one and three.

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Dr. Stacie I. Ringleb

Dr. Kristie S. Gutierrez

Dr. Pilar Pazos-Lago

Dr. Jennifer Kidd

Dr. Krishnanand N. Kaipa

Dr. Orlando M. Ayala