This collaboration pairs education and engineering students to develop and implement engineering lessons that aimed to improve the understanding of the engineering design process.

Objectives for Preservice Teachers

  • Define engineering and name several subfields
  • Describe the engineering design process
  • Explain math and science concepts connected to their engineering topic
  • Exhibit positive attitudes toward the inclusion of engineering in PreK-6 curricula

Objectives for Engineering Students

  • Identify, formulate, and solve engineering problems by applying principles of engineering, science, and mathematics
  • Apply the engineering design process to produce solutions that meet specific needs
  • Analyze and interpret data using engineering judgment to draw conclusions

Preservice teachers from an educational foundations course (TLED 301) and undergraduate students from a 100-level mechanical engineering course collaborate in small teams (4-6 students) to develop and teach 5Es (engage, explore, explain, extend, and evaluate) engineering lessons to elementary school students. Each team is responsible for developing a lesson introducing a design challenge from an engineering topic (e.g. cars, aircraft and spacecraft, design and manufacturing, energy, marine, and prosthetics). At the start of their lessons, students introduce engineering as a profession and describe design tasks common to various fields within engineering. Lessons are delivered during an “Engineering Day” field trip for 4th or 5th graders to the ODU campus.

Our pilot implementation in Fall 2016.

In Spring 2020, teams produced virtual lessons as part of our response to the COVID-19 pandemic. These three teams earned special recognition for their efforts.

Click on each image below to view each virtual lesson in its entirety.

Best Overall Lesson

Gone with the Wind

Best Use of Multimedia

Humpty Dumpty had an Egg Drop

Best Adapted Design Challenge

Drop it like it’s Hot!