FALL 2016 - SPRING 2019 Gallery

Pictures from our Ed+gineering activities starting in the Fall 2016 Semester and ending in the Spring 2019 Semester.

Collaboration 1

Since Fall 2016, teams of education and engineering students have collaborated in a service learning project to plan and teach engineering lessons to elementary students. Fourth and fifth graders travel to ODU’s campus for “Engineering Day” where they tour engineering labs and a residence hall, have lunch, and complete a design challenge planned by the undergraduate students. Each semester approximately 20 teams deliver engineering lessons for students in 2-3 local schools. This multidisciplinary collaboration occurs in an introductory required course for each discipline.

Collaboration 2

Since Spring 2018, education students in an educational technology course have been running an after school technology club (the “WoW Club”) at a local Norfolk school. Mid-semester, partnered 5th graders and preservice teachers are joined by engineering students from a computing/electromechanical systems class to design, build, and code bio-inspired robots during a 5-week robotics project. At the culmination of the project, teams present their robots to the children’s families in an evening showcase event.

Collaboration 3

In Spring 2019, science methods students partnered with engineering students in a fluid mechanics course to design and deliver inquiry-based (5Es) lessons to 4th graders. The elementary school students visited the ODU campus for Engineering Day, where they toured engineering labs, a residence hall, ate lunch, and participated in the lessons planned by the college students.