FALL 2019 Gallery

Pictures from our Ed+gineering activities during the Fall 2019 Semester.

Collaboration 1

On “Engineering Day” in November 2019, 4th grade students visited Scotland Residence Hall, ate lunch in the Broderick Dining Commons, and toured ODU engineering labs before participating in design challenges as part of the lessons planned by collaborating education and engineering college students. Challenges included building towers, parachutes, balloon powered cars, and bridges.

Collaboration 2

Engineering students from a bio-inspired robots course helped preservice teachers learn about biomimicry and build simple robots. Pairs of education and engineering students collaborated with 5th graders to design, build and code bio-inspired robots that could assist in a survival situation. The “Bomb Seeker” robot, which took inspiration from an owl (head rotation for surveying the ground, and flight) and a dog (sniffing out bombs), won the audience choice award.