SPRING 2020 Gallery

Pictures from our Ed+gineering activities during the Spring 2020 Semester.

Collaboration 1

Education and engineering students learned about the engineering design process by building and testing lunar landers. The cross-disciplinary teams planned and practiced lessons for 5th graders who were set to visit ODU’s campus in early April. When the COVID-19 pandemic struck in March, all activities were migrated online (see response to COVID -19).

Collaboration 2

Education and engineering students collaboratively designed comfort robots as a means to explore coding and mechanisms. When COVID-19 forced school buildings to close, activities moved online and 19 teams of education, engineering, and 5th grade students met via Zoom to learn about biomimicry and to design, build, and code bio-inspired robots that could address a global challenge. Each team focused on a specific global challenge and designed their own robots to address it.

Collaboration 3

The engineering students and preservice teachers briefly introduced general fluid mechanics concepts to 4th grades students at two local elementary schools. The teams were sure to explain how the fluid mechanics concepts are evident in everyday practical applications. ODU students also explained to the 4th graders what engineering is, what an engineer does, and the engineering design process (EDP). Finally, elementary school students were also engaged in fun hands-on activity as they walked through steps of the EDP.